its a shame. the “tumblr cartoon guide” artist has pretty good art on her page but that loses all credibility now that shes written that scathing thing. you need to watch what you say round these parts lest your work suffer for it

you fucking assholes

when are we going to see porn of the girl in that new popular “tumblr style character” post?

do I have to do everything myself?

really really good stuff

i need to use more reggie reaction images

There's always that ONE guy who ALWAYS has to make someone else's stream all about HIMSELF though amirite?

THAT guy. with THAT guy its always about “ME, ME, ME”. you might even say you cant spell his name WITHOUT IT

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I honestly always kinda hoped I’d get as many viewers as the hellhole, that was my goal for my streams

i actually enjoyed having a small audience rather than a large one

im not cool with having a 20+ people moshpit because it becomes less personal. i want everybody to be heard and recognized. remember hellhole was never about watching me it was about having fun and sharing drawings with eachother

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WAH~! Eric make 1200 a month and move into a cheap apartment~

holy shit being an adult sucks ass

i honestly believe the hellhole was better than most other streams as well

sqoon replied to your post: i miss the hellhole

Bring back the Hellhole

i dont think i can yet

if i DO, we arent gunna be going all night anymore. they probably wont be anywhere near as long as they used to be. and id rather use my microphone like how i did when it first started but thats not possible with my current living situation


Well guys, I’m pretty much back.  Going full force.